It is already well known that overt sexual content is commonplace in accounts of Alien contact (see especially Strieber 11/28/86, Villas-Boas 10/14/57).

But by using an expanded reinterpretive mode of analysis, all confirmed Alien content has been shown to positively correlate with statistical significance to the optimal contactee copulas, identified via multiple-branching Spline Quantification Tables.

Research has proceeded to a subset of the general population with an average television viewership of 31.2 hours weekly. 73% of male subjects made immediate positive correlation between images of a prone alien corpus (as found "on site") with their ideal anal-sadistic sexual fantasy [SQT-a].

An image overlay of the corpus diagram with images of postmortem human autoerotic asphyxiation resulted in an marked and nearly universal arousal increase (93% of all subjects) as measured by turgidity metrics and galvanometric skin response.

Degeneracy has been successfully induced in the experimental group.